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** Astrology Horoscope is base on personal believe. Use your own discretion when reading your horoscope. **

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Time Zones & How They Work

Who are our predictions for?
Our predictions are meant for people of working age who want guidance, counselling and a direction. We can provide those things to all people especially those who are observant to the world around them, if they are they will already have picked up clues no matter how small as to what their fate might contain. These people are already fastidious in their belief in themselves but a little guidance and direction could push them over the metaphorical edge into massive success.

The predictions we have received can both be good and bad, how do we proceed...
In the case of a bad predictions do not be alarmed, have patience and serenity and do not panic, take things one day at a time. There might be bad things to happen, but they will happen to a less massive effect because you are watching out for it, however if one is panicked the results might be magnified or compounded therefore it is necessary to keep a cool head. In the case of good predictions let it come to you rather than going looking out for it.

Filling out personal information
Try your best to fill out the following information up to and including the exact time of birth (this is proclaimed by calling the hospital where one was born if available), be careful because any miscalculation or misinformation can result in skewed predictions.
You can come back to receive your predictions 12 - 38 hours after you fill out your information.
Keep the link which is available on the last page of the registration. This can be used to read your predictions after 12 - 38 hours, an example can be found here https://www.fortunestars.com/preview.php?passkey=888888888888888 if you cannot enter please refresh a couple of times and the predictions can be viewed for up to 15 days.
If I have entered the wrong date of birth, how do I fix it?
To remedy the situation you are able to change it yourself without much hassle.
Don't know my exact birth-time?
There will be a problem because even a variation of four minutes will result in the stars not aligning and this might skew predictions as a consequence. The more off the information the more chance that the prediction will be completely off. Therefore it is an absolute necessity that the time is correct.
I do not know my time of birth and there is no way to procure it?
Try experimenting and guess and check the time of birth in during the day you were born with intervals of 15 minutes and try to ascertain from the predictions which one applies to your life, eventually something will fit and you will know your date of birth.
People born between Midnight and 6AM or before the sun rises
This is a reminder to put in the date of the new day rather than from the night before, bear in mind that the new day begins at 00:00 AM. The skewing of dates might result in an inaccurate and false prediction.
What about questions of Time Zones?
When choosing the correct time zone please be careful and choose accordingly to where you are in reference to the prime meridian at Greenwich
If I do not know the time zone I was born in.
Click on the helper to find out which time zone you were born in by picking the city that you were born in.
Putting in the name of my Birth City
Fill in the name of your Birth City as briefly as possible.
People who are born overseas in areas with DST (Daylight Savings Time)
Please fill in the time accordingly and if there are any questions feel free to email me and I will sort out any further problems.
If I have received a prediction but the information I provided is incorrect.
It is very simple to refill the information and submit again for a different prediction, do not take the inaccurate prediction to heart.
The prediction is in the wrong language and I cannot understand.
Please resubmit your information and choose the right language and receive a new prediction.
You can predict your future up to 1 month for free
Just wait until a month after your first prediction, resubmit your information and receive another prediction for free. For predictions into the past there are no such waiting periods and one can do it almost instantaneously right away. We start predictions from 1992 and onwards. It is interesting to view why things happened in the past to better understand the present and anticipate the future.
You don't have to repeatedly fill in the same information for a new prediction
Just click the back browser from your original and use the same information.
The first prediction regarding the future
Just because there is a good prediction doesn't mean one you sit on one's laurels, you should go out and make things happen for yourself, predictions are just the route you are on at the moment it is not set in stone and can be altered, for better or for worse. Just live your normal lives and be more aware and receptive to the forces of the universe.
Once you receive your predictions be aware
There might be a small matter of inaccuracy but if the predictions are not to ones liking just be prepared to accept fate and live your normal lives. If the results are not to your liking feel free to consult us and we shall provide advice and strategy.
I cannot enter the website and there is a, 'Page cannot be found' message.
The page you are trying to access has changed please go to the homepage of the website and go forth from there.


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